Print Ready Artwork

Screenprinting is a labour of love and each print is pulled by hand, lined up by eye and made using manual machinery.
Please note that hand pulled screenprinting as a process does not allow for exact reproduction of your design.
Prints may vary slightly across a run, but for many and ourselves this is why screenprinting produces desirable, beautiful and exciting prints!

What can we do?

Tuckshop primarily prints spot color type art. We can print single color tones using halftone screens.
4 color process jobs are conditional and necessitate additional fees.

How should I send my artwork?

Each color must be separate in the design to output film positives. From these separate color films, we will create printing screens. If you are unfamiliar with color separations we can provide this service, but it may incur an artworking fee of £30/hour (billed in 15 minute increments).

Paper Size 

A4 – 210 x 297mm
A3 – 297 x 420mm
A2 – 420 x 594mm
B2 – 500 x 700mm

Please allow minimum 10 mm boarder, or if you require full bleed please go up a paper size so we can add crop marks for you.

T-Shirts & Totes Print Area

For t-shirts and totes please see size and print info here.

Image Size

Please send your artwork at the 100% size you would like and at 300dpi


Lines must be drawn at a minimum of approx 1pt for paper and 1.5pt for fabric.


If using a serif font should be no smaller than 12 pt.

Can you colour match?

Yes, though it is important to note that exact color matching is not guaranteed due to a large number of variables. We will make every effort to match your color as close as possible. If not providing a Pantone reference please be as descriptive as possible i.e. hot red, baby blue, mustard yellow.

How do I submit my artwork?

If your file is 5 MB or less in size, please email it to If the file is larger than 10 MB would  it is best to upload it. We recommend

What kind of files do you accept?

.ai – Adobe Illustrator (CS5 or lower)
Please be sure that all fonts have been outlined and any embedded images are included.

.eps – PostScript File
Again, be sure all fonts are outlined

.psd – Adobe Photoshop (CS5 or lower)
Don’t flatten layers, if possible. Be sure your image is at least 300 dpi @ actual print size. Include all fonts if applicable.

.pdf – Portable Document File
Use the highest resolution possible.

.jpg – JPEG Image
The higher the resolution, the better. A small 72dpi image off the Internet isn’t sufficient. Save your image at a “best” setting.